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Advancing within senior leadership is much tougher than it used to be. Companies are evolving, becoming more complex, and uncertainty surrounds every managerial role.


Senior leaders are now faced with challenges not only in their productivity and success but also in their effectiveness and organisational skills. These challenges include their ability to lead teams, develop their staff, and resolve conflict. I talk in more depth about becoming a more effective leader in my post, 5 Signs That You Need an Executive Leadership Coach.


What’s holding you back in your career advancement?


The career ladder isn’t as structured as it once was as organisations become more fluid in their professional construction. Should this stop you from progressing within your firm? Not at all. However, we can often sabotage our own interests by not preparing ourselves adequately for the career advancement we crave.


Could any of these issues be holding you back?


  • Your listening skills need work – it is more necessary these days to find senior leaders who have exemplary people skills. Managing a team and getting results, while beneficial to any company, is no longer the deciding factor in promotion. Employers want their leadership team to really listen to their staff, communicate better, and have powerful interpersonal skills. Working with a coach is the perfect way to improve your listening skills.


  • You allow stress and anxiety to take control of your life – while getting a promotion is a positive achievement; it also comes with a massive change in leadership skills. The higher up the career ladder you climb, the more stressful the roles can become. If you are looking for a senior position, you will need to build your strategic thinking, develop your intuition, and strengthen your effectiveness. None of this can be done if you’re anxious about your knowledge levels, or potential. Stress causes the brain to focus on the negatives, or potentially threatening experiences, and a new role, however exciting, can be seen as new and dangerous ground. An executive coach can work on your anxieties and build your confidence.


  • You struggle to sell yourself – praising staff, boosting morale, and working to develop the skills of your team may come more naturally than having to sell yourself. You hope that everything you do in your current role will be ‘seen’ by the powers that be and they will offer you a career advancement without you having to ask for it. Unfortunately, waiting in the sidelines is a sure way to get overlooked. Working with a coach will help you articulate how your achievements have benefited the company and how your strengths can further expand and grow the business.


One of the many highlights of working with an executive coach is the ability to identify your core issues as you strive for that promotion, career advancement, or potential move to a new company.  


We all want to develop that competitive edge, but sometimes we are unsure how to make the transition from our current role to the next level in the hierarchy. Having a clear picture in your mind of where you hope to be will give you and your executive coach the perfect starting point from where to create a plan of action.


What can you do to help career advancement?


Executive coaching provides a safe space not only to learn and develop your unique abilities, strengths, and skills, but it can also help remove any blocks, both personally and professionally, that is holding you back.


Working with a coach on your career advancement will help you become more productive, confident, and manage the process more effectively. Here are our top three tips for career advancement:


  • Clearly define your career goals – ask yourself some simple questions. What job do I want? What skills do I have or need to accomplish this role? What strengths do I bring to this area of the business? By having a clear vision of the potential outcome, we can begin to work on filling the gaps in your knowledge, building your confidence, and dedicating time and space to the result. My coaching programme assesses your goals and adjusts them accordingly as the six session’s progress.


  • Commit to self-development – our past behaviours and limiting beliefs can keep us stuck and prevent us from advancing. Any negative situation, conversation, or event can derail our ability to achieve what we want. Throughout your life, your brain stores these negative stories (bad data). By using my Breakthrough Programme, we can delete this bad data and effectively help you drive forward and succeed. Unravelling these issues, with my help, allows you to reinstall a new way of feeling and thinking. Only then will you have the confidence and determination to embrace a new senior leadership role.


  • Appreciate the value of working with an executive coach – the evidence continues to grow towards the advantages of working with a coach; increase in productivity, and better working relationships are just two of the benefits that are discussed and praised. The Institute of Coaching released statistics stating that over 70% of individuals who received coaching were able to improve their work performance, relationships, and became more effective communicators. Building your self-awareness, confidence, and leadership skills are vital in today’s society. Value yourself by appreciating how important executive coaching is for your career advancement.


My Breakthrough to Success Programme is the perfect platform to start your coaching journey.


Step 1: Discovery call to find out of this approach is suitable for you.

Step 2: Answer a range of questions and develop the best programme for your needs.

Step 3: After your first session, you receive a plan of action to achieve your goals.


During a time of professional change, Jane was recommended to me by a friend as someone to help guide my decision making. From the start, she was kind but firm, and with gentle probing, helped steer me into the right choice for me.

It’s tough to self-reflect, but Jane never passed judgement and did what a coach should – ask the hard questions so you can make the best choices to suit you. Knowing that I could openly and yet confidentially talk to Jane, gave me the clarity I was seeking. I am still in touch with Jane, which allows me to ‘check-in’ on myself – and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone who needs a bit of guidance or a steer on where to go next.”

Gul, Head of Design and Solutions.


Give yourself the best possible start in your career advancement, establish the approach that will be suitable for you and put yourself back in control of your executive leadership journey.



Book a Discovery Call with Jane Hooper today.


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