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After a successful corporate career achieving Senior Director level in a FTSE 100 company Jane was introduced to the techniques and approaches that changed her life. 

Jane now runs her own coaching practice combining her extensive corporate experience with specific coaching skills to quickly and thoroughly deal with your issues.

corporate life

Inspiring, Empowering and Developing People 

I had a successful corporate career in many challenging and rewarding roles which has given me extensive experience and knowledge across many functions and specialisms. 

I attribute much of my success to my ability as a senior leader to inspire, empower and develop teams/individuals to be their best.

Along the way, I have received knock-backs, had cause to doubt my ability, feared the next round of changes, worried about my job and felt guilty for not achieving the work/home balance I wanted or the stretching targets set within work.   

I found that whilst I developed others and invested in them I neglected to address my own needs and continued to accumulate “baggage”.  Over time, it became more of a challenge  to maintain my motivation, focus and positivity and so goals seemed harder to achieve and the days grew longer as my enthusiasm waned.

after corporate life

Casualty of Restructure

Eventually, I became a casualty of a restructure and with no alternative roles available it was time for me to leave my corporate role.  My CV of achievements was impressive, my in-box filled with amazing emails from grateful colleagues past and present, but I was drained and needed time to reassess my situation and my values.

So, the weeks became months and I was still without a plan that inspired me albeit I was enjoying the time to be able to live the life I had neglected for a bit too long.  My passion for inspiring and developing people to succeed was still strong and so a few joint business ventures took off and I attracted many coaching clients.

As my first non-corporate year ended I was introduced to the techniques and approach that was to help me define my purpose and give me a renewed passion and love for life.

transition into coaching

Helping Others 

What could be better than using the techniques that had transformed me to help others?

By the time my Master Practitioner training concluded I had decided to create a Coaching Practice to generate the same positive change journey in other professionals that I had experienced. 

The difference was that I could marry my corporate knowledge and experience with these techniques to address the problems of professional people.

“My evolution had only just begun during the following interviewed (video below) and in sharing this candid interview I want those of you who who watch it to acknowledge that retaining  negative emotions, not being true to ourselves and therefore kidding ourselves and others limits our potential, increases stress levels and stops us from being true to ourselves and achieving our full potential  I loved elements of my life but now I totally love all of it.”

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