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Facing The Opportunity To Request Redundancy  

A Senior Commercial Manger when faced with the opportunity to request redundancy completed a six-week coaching programme to enable them to make an informed decision without the unnecessary and unwarranted emotions that can accompany such decisions.

In defining their purpose they set goals that they were motivated towards and opted to leave to pursue their own business set-up.

They now work less hours, generate the income they wanted doing something they love whilst they can spend more time with their family.

Facing The Changing Commercial Climate  

A Company Director after many years of personal and business success began to experience the impact of overwhelm when faced with the challenging commercial climate in their field of business.

Very soon he was plagued with memories of previous experiences where he believed he had failed. He lost his motivation, and confidence. This in turn meant he created excuses to avoid meetings both internal and external.

Knowing he had a number of critical meetings with potential clients, which would provide security for his business for the foreseeable future, he joined a 12 month programme. This in the first instance would deal with the immediate priorities and then over the full programme build business and personal strategies for him to exceed previous expectations.

The first phase was successful and after only two sessions he was able to regain his confidence and attend the client meetings securing three of the five potential contracts.

Facing Potential Bankruptcy  

A small business owner was faced with potential bankruptcy after ignoring warning signs and failing to adjust and address the problems in the business. They denied there were any problems to those who could have helped and only with the risk of debt collectors at the business address did they seek help. Whilst they were looking for business mentoring they soon accepted the need for breakthrough coaching and completed a three month intense coaching and mentoring programme.

With the correct mindset they were able to be flexible in their thinking and realised the numerous options they had. They were able to have the difficult conversations whilst in parallel re-energising their marketing plan, optimising their methods, reducing the % of fixed resource so increasing revenue and profits.

Moving From The Corporate Environment To a Portfolio Career   

A FTSE 100 Finance Director completes six month programme to enable them to evolve and move from the corporate environment to Portfolio Career. Knowing that this was probably their last opportunity to secure a redundancy package they wanted to overcome their fears and doubts about the transition, so that they would be projecting the positive mindset necessary to secure interim Director and NED roles.

The programme completely re-energised them after 25 years in one company, focusing them on the opportunities that their experience, skills and knowledge would enable outside of their current company. This also enabled them to consider fulfilling other ambitions in parallel to their Portfolio Career. 

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