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“During a time of professional change, Jane was recommended to me by a friend as someone to help guide my decision making.

Jane from the start was kind but firm, and with gentle probing, helped steer me into the right choice for me.

It’s tough to self reflect but Jane never passed judgement and did what a coach should – ask the hard questions so you can make the best choices to suit you. Knowing that I could openly and yet confidentially talk to Jane, gave me the
clarity I was seeking.

I am still in touch with Jane, which allows me to ‘check-in’ on myself – and I can’t recommend Jane enough for anyone who needs a bit of guidance or a steer on where to go next.”


Head of Design and Solutions, International Carrier

“I asked Jane if she can be my mentor. despite having a very high profile and a busy role, Jane accepted me and gave her full attention.

The guidance and support Jane gave me was priceless. I liked the fact that Jane related the tips and tools to her real life experiences. I started to implement Jane’s advise and started to see the benefits immediately.

It gave me techniques to deal with the bigger roles effectively. Will always be grateful for Jane’s time”


Head of Engineering Reliability, Logistics FTSE 100

“Jane is a superb coach, with a clarity of thinking that makes her stand out from the crowd. I commend her to you”


HR Professional and NED

“I approached Jane to support my personal development, as I knew that she had a successful commercial business background and also because she had a high standard of coaching training. I was in a pretty dark place, and needed guidance and support to brighten up my future.

From the start Jane made me feel comfortable, safe and reassured that I could make the changes needed in my life. After my first coaching session, I was already feeling energised, calmer and prepared for any new challenges ahead. After a few face to face meetings, and telephone support, I felt much better in myself, I had increased confidence, motivation, and felt generally much happier.

I have the tools and mindset now to be as successful as I choose. Jane has bought out the best of me, I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that wants to change and be the best they can possibly be.”


International HR Director

“I was at an all-time low when I approached Jane. I was broken! Having been in a senior role for the past 7 years, I didn’t know how to cope with the loss of a job. I felt stuck! I also knew that my future career goals would be stifled unless I cleared my own negative emotions. I needed to release these and I wanted to release these!

I didn’t want to live my life feeling worthless and stuck. Deep inside, I knew there was spark and potential. I just didn’t know how to move forward. That was until I went to Jane.

She has deleted the bad data that I had unknowingly programmed and which had become part of my habits and thinking patterns, which were keeping me stuck. Thanks to my breakthrough, I am in a position to move forward with my life. I have clear goals both in my personal and professional life and the future is exciting!”


Senior Civil Servant

“I am coming to a significant crossroads in my career; leaving a senior role with a Footsie 100 company after what will be a long, rewarding and successful career. I was looking for advice and support to manage that change and essentially open my eyes to the art of the possible.

I needed someone who was both a fantastic coach and had managed at a senior level in the corporate world. Jane was an obvious fit; I had worked with Jane and I knew the journey she had travelled. I’d seen the changes in her from when she left the corporate world and the positive energy and enthusiasm that radiated from her since her own evolution in NLP.

What drew me to Jane was her genuine passion, drive and energy; her unerring belief in the power of NLP and her ability to make a real and positive difference to her clients.

Jane’s coaching sessions were massively positive and enlightening. She literally cleared my mind of the “stuff” that was holding me back and got rid of these limiting beliefs that I had built into my mind. We spent a lot of time distilling my true values and purpose. This has been a fantastically liberating experience that has given me clarity of purpose and clear direction.

We spent a lot of productive time on establishing and articulating my personal goals on which Jane regularly holds me to account.

In summary, Jane has a unique combination of hard earned experience gained in the corporate world, a powerful intellect and is an accomplished coach. She will deliver.”


FTSE 100 Finance Professional

“I wanted coaching because I felt I had reached a point in life, where I just didn’t know what direction to take. I was aware that I had situations and relationships both personal and professional, that I had negative emotions towards, but I had no idea how to cleanse and clear up conflicts within those relationships. I was also very much aware that I was allowing other peoples actions, and anything that was outside my control to effect my mindset in a negative way.

I made the decision to work with Jane because for me, she really has been there and got the t-shirt. Also, for me to open up and be completely honest with someone about everything in my life. I needed someone who I could trust and someone who knows what they are doing… as I like everyone else considering coaching, want results.

With Jane you don’t just have the textbook read guidance style coaching, she tailors coaching to suit you, and she does that through her excellent skills of rapport, finding out what the problem/problem’s are and using amazing techniques to solve any issues and set goals that drive you forwards.

Now I am a lot more aware of my emotions and how I project myself to others. I have learnt techniques to help deal with situations outside my control, and how I let them effect me as a person.

I also always keep in mind “so what you going to do?” Rather than dwell on something that I am not happy with, address the emotion, decide what you are going to do and move on and be at cause and not effect, of nobody but yourself.”


Finance Professional

“I was having some issues and challenges in relation to the direction of my own coaching practice and how that might look for me.

Some of my challenges were around my self-belief and confidence. She coached me in my confidence challenges and the helped me develop ideas and set goals for my practice. Jane is professional , challenges thoughtfully yet with deliberation and empowers you to test your limits and stretch yourself further than you would on your own.

I will be seeking Jane’s support again should the need arise. “


Master Coach

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